Solutions4Good Brand Identity

Solutions4Good is a new venture comprised of senior consultants that focus their energies on bringing new technologies to market that will help create positive change.

They picked a name that would clearly convey their purpose. The challenge was to create an identity that would both illustrate their mission, but also allow this long name with an unconventional number in the middle to remain simple, compact and easily identifiable.

Building off the concept of a hopeful future and the products that would generate “good” change, we used a bright and cheerful rising sun in tandem with a classic, yet modern, bold, and friendly type face for the word “good”. Using the sun to set apart the digit in the name, the end result is clean, compact and conveys the positive mission the team stands behind.

“This is some serious genius.”

– Lisa S, Founder, Solutions4Good

Project categories: Branded Campaigns, Logos

Solutions4Good business cards
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