Mainsheet OP Identity

Mainsheet Operating Partners, a start-up, needed to kick off its business with an identity and a set of branded materials that speak directly to its core mission and values.

After a few interviews with the founder it became clear that his long history with competitive sailing provided him with important skills — skills that effectively set him apart in his business, ultimately leading to the kinds of results his clients seek.

So we helped him select a company name that translates to his unique value proposition: keeping the ship on-course, and at-pace in order to deliver value.

To illustrate the company name, we created a custom mark to represent the “M” of Mainsheet as well as the rope and pulley system used for an actual Mainsheet. In order to help build affinity with his target audience of Private Equity Firms with Manufacturing Company Portfolios, we made the mark simple, clean, and elegantly mechanical.


Project categories: Logos

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