LookingGlass Tri-fold, 8.5×11 brochure

As LookingGlass Cyber Security Solutions expanded their suite of services, they needed a comprehensive, compelling brochure that would make a complex story, concise and simple to absorb, quickly. Once again, they turned to the team of Polymath Marketing and Kilroy Creative to work with their internal team on the concept, messaging, design and print coordination.

Working closely with the LG product manager, we created the deceptively simple tag line: Stop Breaches Before They Happen.

Using vector artwork to evoke the overwhelming web of threats that plague organizations, literally every minute of every day, we successfully illustrated the visibility and proactive shield provided by the LookingGlass suite of services.

Organizing the information in a scannable format and calling out the distinctive features allows viewers to immediately grasp the true value proposition of their offerings.

“Everyone is loving the trifold. We’re getting ready to print 1,000 more!”

-Eric W., Snr. Director, Product Marketing, LookingGlass

Project categories: Sales Support

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