LookingGlass Black Hat USA 2015 Presentation

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions asked the team of Polymath Marketing and Kilroy Creative to put our talents together to create a 15-minute presentation on Threat Intelligence for Black Hat USA 2015, one of the largest cybersecurity conferences in the world.

To attract as many of Black Hat’s more than 9,000 security expert attendees as possible, the presentation was delivered by a live presenter several times per day on a 70″ monitor in LookingGlass’ 20’x20′ booth.

The goal: to educate the audience on the need for threat intelligence management (a new concept for many of them), illustrate the unique nature of LookingGlass’ software suite, and pique their interest to get a demo of the solution at one of the booth’s many demo stations.

Starting from just a script and the dictate to make it “bright with minimal text”, Polymath and Kilroy crafted a presentation that achieved all of LookingGlass’ goals. The use of bold color, iconography, unexpected ideas, and quick animations enabled this presentation to stand out from the crowd, lure passersby in, and keep them engaged with humor and a clear story line.

Project categories: Event Marketing, Sales Support

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