Core Outdoor Living Equinox Brochure

Core Outdoor Living recently launched an innovative new product line, the Equinox Adjustable Louvered Roof. A high-end product, Core secured the rights to be the only installer in NoVa, DC and parts of MD. While the team at Core recognizes the huge potential for this revolutionary outdoor living solution, they also recognize their marketplace is largely unaware of the product.

So the team at Kilroy set out to create a branded sales collateral solution to educate the market about Equinox. Marketing the product both to consumers as end-buyers, as well as to designers and landscape architects as channel partners, Kilroy developed collateral that speaks to the unique benefits of the product, while visually evoking the colorful sense of multi-functionality, beauty and eco-friendliness.

In order to ensure the collateral remains fresh, the cover has been designed to easily replace various Equinox portfolio images. Printing small, digital runs, Core is able to update the imagery in their brochures as often as they like.

In combination with a robust social media campaign and a brand new website, word is getting out and Equinox inquiries and bookings are increasing dramatically.


Project categories: Branded Campaigns, Sales Support

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