Albireo Corporate Brochure

Albireo Energy needed a new corporate brochure to reflect its rapidly expanding portfolio of building automation and energy optimization services. Charged with creating an exciting, modern feel to evoke growth and progress while upholding the integrity of the established and trustworthy brand, Kilroy Creative set out to use existing identity elements in new and unexpected ways.

Using part of the logo mark’s star swoosh in the abstract, we evoked forward motion and progress. Usage of the corporate blue colors and captivating architectural photography laid the visual foundation of the brand, while application of the bright gold corporate color to pop out select text and headlines ensured key messages can be quickly identified and absorbed.

The end result is a comprehensive tri-fold brochure containing a large amount of important information that can be easily read and quickly understood. The brochure successfully establishes the brand’s industry expertise, breadth of service and progressive growth.

Project categories: Sales Support

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