We began as a husband – er, wife-husband team

Boy journalist, content master, sales executive, and consultant met girl creative director, marketing manager, digital artist, photographer, and married. Boy had fledgling storytelling company, realized girl’s creative talents would make nice music with boy’s words, and unto the world Kilroy Creative was born. Along the way girl made boy get rid of original company name, MythSmiths, along with sweaters featuring Labrador motifs, pictured. (Boy misses original company name but understands why the sweaters had to go.)


Over time, company grew via word-of-mouth. One day, new girl entered the picture (not THAT way). As a consultant partner working with Kilroy she brought serious marketing chops. Little Kilroy started to grow up, offer ongoing marketing services, analytics, social media mastery, campaign best practices, and strategic planning. We’re very excited about where Kilroy is headed. Maybe you’ll be part of the story too?

We started this business for two reasons

First, we share highly complementary storytelling skills. Doug’s the idea and content mind, Cindy’s the idea and design visionary, and Anne‘s  the marketing guru. Together we help organizations create compelling, unique stories, campaigns, practices and strategies that get results.

Second, after years in journalism, marketing, sales, design and consulting for companies that too often lacked the corporate DNA to embrace effective storytelling, it occurred to us that we really wanted to focus on clients and projects that were open to new modes of thinking. Let’s face it, there’s already enough noise out there – we want to make music.

What makes us different?

Love. Passion. Genuine interest. You get the drift.

1) It has been said that to know someone’s story is to love that person. It’s easy to pre-judge a book or person or anything else by its ‘cover.’ But consume the story within and you can’t help but feel an affinity, a connection, a love for that story and its subject. You may not like how the story is told (our job is to fix that), but the story always stays with you. We love story.

2) If you are fortunate in this life, you discover your gift. And the immediate response to that discovery? You want to share it with others.

In short, we use our love of storytelling to help our clients tell their own story – in essence, we help them share their own love. Call it schmaltzy if you will, but if our clients are to be believed, our formula works.

Speaking of simple, let’s talk approach

While we love to get our hands on a meaty, full-blown corporate branding project or an annual content marketing campaign, we’re just as happy working on smaller projects that have an all-important need of their own. Similarly, we’ve worked with some very big brands, for VC-funded startups, and the local mom-and-pop usually referred to us by a friend of a friend. The story matters most, everything else is secondary.

Ultimately, we know that relationships are formed one small step at a time as a kind of corporate courtship. We don’t require contracts unless the client needs one, and unsurprisingly, neither we nor a client has ever been left holding the proverbial bag. Indeed, the professional often morphs into the personal and clients become friends. Why not? Life is short.

We’re big on Discovery, on listening and learning. We’re equally big on burrowing down, down, down until we find the essence of the story, the theme of the campaign, that special something that makes the project pop. When we find it, we know it, and more often than not so does our client. From there it’s just a matter of assembling the pieces. If you’d like to know a bit more about us, our philosophy, process, pricing, etc., just get in touch!

Why the name Kilroy?

We chose Kilroy as our company name and mascot because the legend of Kilroy of is perhaps the ultimate example of the power of story.

In the early days of WWII U.S. soldiers headed to war found numerous unmistakable doodles of this big-nosed cartoon peeking over walls with the inscription, “Kilroy was here.” Often these doodles were found in unexpected, hard to reach, and even classified locations. As Kilroy was discovered by more and more soldiers the legend grew, was passed along, and given a life of it’s very own.

Yes, Kilroy went viral. It transcended the ranks of the American military to be adopted by citizens and soldiers around the world. It has been known to represent an “uber solider,” courage, resolve, and fortitude. Even today Kilroy can be found on walls, bridges, trains, you name it (both old inscriptions and new alike). The legend evolves and lives on.

We think THAT’S a good story — one on which we choose to hang our hats.

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