Kilroy Creative is…

A tight little team of marketing bandits who bring years of experience in corporate messaging, journalism, design, sales, promotion, consulting and, yes, marketing, to help businesses tell a better story — one that excites and inspires and leads to a little something we call results. Read on to learn a bit more about us, our work, and what our clients think about us.


We routinely get lots of unsolicited kudos from our clients. From the mom-and-pop next door to international brands you recognize, we’ve never left a client dissatisfied. Ever.


No easy outs allowed. Big ideas, novel concepts, and razor-sharp insights aren’t borne of lazy or knee-jerk thought processes. We mull, chew and agonize until we get it right.


We’re highly experienced professionals with backgrounds in design, content, journalism, marketing, sales and strategy. That’s an awful lot of expertise and all of it just for you.


We like to run small and lean. It keeps us nimble and affordable. We provide high quality work and hands-on client services for significantly less than most agencies can offer.


We started this business because we’re good at what we do and we actually love doing it. Which means you’ll get the best of us each and every project. If you’re not happy, we’re not done.


A lot of our friends were early clients and a lot of our later clients have become friends. We like it that way because it results in lots of word of mouth referrals and repeat business.

A peek into the portfolio

Don’t take our word for it

Take theirs

You’ve got a way of drilling down into the heart of the matter and really nailing things. To me that’s central to any corporate messaging effort. – G. Carr

What else can I say? You guys rock! – R. Schaeffer

It is a real pleasure to work with both of you. We see you as a true part of our extended team. – Doug B.

I’m blown away! You’ve captured our essence. I have hired many marketing companies over the years and none was able to get to the heart of the matter as quickly or as precisely. Kudos! – C. DeLuca

Most impressive was the speed with which you grasped what we were trying to do and then translated that into content that opened the eyes of customers we wanted to reach. It’s a rare talent. – D. Plank

Two words that consistently define your work: ‘Wow’ and ‘Wow.’ – S. Singh

Why Kilroy?

We chose Kilroy as our company name and mascot because the legend of Kilroy of is perhaps the ultimate example of the power of story.

In the early days of WWII U.S. soldiers headed to war found numerous unmistakable doodles of this big-nosed cartoon peeking over walls with the inscription, “Kilroy was here.” Often these doodles were found in unexpected, hard to reach, and even classified locations. As Kilroy was discovered by more and more soldiers the legend grew, was passed along, and given a life of it’s very own.

Yes, Kilroy went viral. It transcended the ranks of the American military to be adopted by citizens and soldiers around the world. It has been known to represent an “uber solider,” courage, resolve, and fortitude. Even today Kilroy can be found on walls, bridges, trains, you name it (both old inscriptions and new alike). The legend evolves and lives on.

We think THAT’S a good story — one on which we choose to hang our hats.

Now it’s your turn…

What’s YOUR Story?

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